Hello! I’m Catalin.

I provide high quality graphical user interfaces using the latest trends and technologies.

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About me

Having a passion for art, I’ve always enjoyed the creative process behind every successful product. This way I can combine my passion for art with my work and other hobbies.

I'm a huge people person and I believe all my past experiences helped me shape the person that I am today.


I design graphic elements, write articles, retouch photos and create complete corporate visual identities.

My qualifications in terms of UX/UI Design include the construction of elaborated wireframes and usually the entire process of converting wireframes into visually polished screens and prototyping scenarios.


Landing pages, User flows, Web & Mobile app design, Wireframes


Visual identity, Marketing materials, Ads management


Project planning, 1-on-1 meetings, Hands-on support

My journey

I remember the very first day I got into the creative industry. There was an overwhelming number of rules and practices I needed to understand in order to work with the required software. What initially started as a hobby eventually turned into a full-time job.

Customer stories

I like to build close relationships with my clients. Trusting that dynamic collaboration is the only way to get the job done well. See below my customer stories.

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Have questions about my projects, methodology and background, or simply interested in learning more about my services?

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